Whether you're recording as part of your training, creating content for socials or laying down original tracks, we've got you covered...


2 hrs・1 song・Fully edited track, video & photo bundle

Held at students usual lesson location, recording session and all editing completed by a Vocademy Tutor

These packages are very popular for students to use as audition tapes, social content or as a gift for family and friends. High quality videos recorded with professional equipment. 


However please note that although our tutors have a good ability and understanding of basic editing skills, our Tutors are NOT professionally trained in sound/video editing/mixing.




Professional Location Recording 

Randall Rekords are an associate company of Vocademy. For those looking for top level recording and mixing, maybe for original music, show reel or website content, or just as a real nice treat, Randall Rekords offer professional recording at affordable prices and in any location to suit you. 


The beauty of specialising in location recording is Randall Rekords can come to you, wherever that may be and wherever you'd like to record and they'll do so whilst promising the highest quality recording, mixing and mastering.


If students don't have anywhere in mind they can use lesson locations within Vocademy at no extra cost, such as Principal Dani's studio (subject to availability).

Bronze £55・1hr・1 Track

Silver £90・2hrs・2 Tracks

Gold £130・2.5hrs・3 Tracks

Platinum £200・3.5hrs・5 Tracks

Above prices are for recording and editing tracks/songs only. Video NOT included.

Optional Extra:

£20ph to have Tutor in session for guidance & support

£45ph to have Tutor in session plus film and edit a video for each track

Post-editing fees included in session fee


If you have any questions or would like to book a recording session with either Vocademy or Randall Rekords please contact us on 0845 5191 765 or