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Perfect Tragedy
Original Musical Theatre Show by Tura Paice

Our piano tutor Tura is a wonderfully talented writer and composer and has recently completed an original musical ‘Perfect Tragedy’. With plans to bring the show to stage in 2022 Tura brought a fabulous opportunity to our Vocademy students...


Vocademy has collaborated with Perfect Tragedy to produce an original demo soundtrack, which will be the first point of reference for potential producers and investors going forward.


From previous training and professional work, Tura has some influential connections that have already given positive and promising feedback and we're hoping to hear more very soon. We'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we can!!

Thank you SO much to everyone that has been involved, both students & tutors, your help has brought us one step closer to seeing "Perfect Tragedy" on stage 🙏 


Here's a thank you message from Tutor Tura...

"I would like to say a TREMENDOUS thank you to the incredibly talented staff and students from Vocademy who have so kindly joined forces to create two teaser tracks for my new musical, ’The Perfect Tragedy.’ All of the voices involved are stunning and I am so proud and excited by the finished product. You are all so kind and talented and I am overwhelmed by your generosity. Please everybody do listen to these two tracks - the performers are fantastic! Thank you in particular to Dani Baker for her role as project manager, and to Jack Randall who has mixed and produced the final tracks. From Tutor Tura x"


PT Final Collage Pic.png

L-R 1 · Tura Paice · Barnaby Harrison · Chloe Thomas · Dani Baker

L-R 2 · Rob Smith · Ben Connell · Emma Sackett · Mike Dunsdon

L-R 3 · Lauren Wingrove · Chloe Lightheart · Rosie Currams · Harriet Drury



Act One


The year is 2033 and the world is in ruins. What is left of the population spend their time playing a lethal gambling game, ‘ACE’ which allows the rich few to sponsor the slum-dwellers who each pitch their case for having the worst life. Protagonist Cap’s only chance of escaping the slums and winning his life back is to convince his audience of a tragic existence he never had. Meanwhile, bitter and fierce female lead Satchel and her younger, milder, sister, Cady, are bound by debt to a dangerous gang; led by antagonist Admon; who have found a loophole in the game. Admon and his followers will ‘sell’ disasters to players in return for cash. When Satchel and Cap meet, each realises they can use the other to get what they want. Putting aside repressed romantic yearnings, Satchel plans to tear apart Cap’s life, winning him sympathetic sponsors and fans from the permanent, odds-driven audience. Cap comes to realise he too has feelings for Satchel. Admon and Satchel’s first staged disaster is a violent mugging. The façade is successful and Cap’s story rockets to the top of the game. As well as earning money for himself and his mother and sister, Cap’s success also attracts his teenage love interest: Lorna Lake. To Satchel’s jealousy and disgust, the two become a couple. Cap grows greedy and demands a second, larger disaster. Admon obliges and orders Satchel to carry it out: she must set Cap’s house on fire with Cap’s sister, Maya, still inside; or Admon will kill Cady. Satchel chooses Cady and Act One ends with the second, fatal disaster. 


Act Two


Since the fire and the death of his sister, Cap’s popularity has soared and he is now a minor celebrity, with Lorna Lake by his side. Satchel is almost caught for what she has done, but successfully passes the blame onto Cap’s amiable ally from the slums, Rowan. Racked with guilt, Satchel refuses to participate any further and is brutally attacked by the gang, nursed back to health by Cady as Cady transitions into adulthood. Admon orders Satchel to carry out the final disaster, once again in return for Cady’s life: Satchel must kill Lorna at Cap’s imminent, high-profile event in which he will pitch his story once more for the highest prize the game can offer. At the event, chaos erupts as Satchel desperately tries to carry out the deed – but cannot. When several spectators also draw weapons, Cap is rendered unconscious, and the scene goes black. He wakes imprisoned with Lorna, Admon, Satchel and Cady, where he is given a choice: the game knows he has been cheating. However, his audience have become so attached to his relationship with Lorna that they are willing to let the two of them survive as ACE icons, providing he sacrifices Satchel. Cap unexpectedly chooses Satchel, but Satchel refuses and heads to the noose herself, allowing Cap to win the game – but at this cost. 


"Fire" - Act 1 Finale


In this act one finale, protagonist Cap has been staging fake disasters to enhance his popularity in the futuristic, lethal game of ACE. Now, the female con artist he has been buying them from, Satchel, has been forced to take the game further than ever. In return for her sister’s life, Satchel burns down Cap’s house…with his family inside. 

FirePerfect Tragedy
00:00 / 05:43

"Let Me Go" - Act 2

Half way through the second act, protagonist Cap has achieved all he wanted to and is a beloved celebrity and tragic hero. In return for his fortune, he has left behind and entire community in the slums of his old home, including best friend Rowan and Satchel, who he might have once loved. In “Let Me Go” all those left behind watch Cap’s escalating popularity with bitter resentment. 

Let Me GoPerfect Tragedy
00:00 / 05:41

To those who helped us create the demo, we can't thank you enough and we hope you're proud of what we achieved 🎭🥳

And we hope everyone will come see the show when we bring it to stage!!!

Tura & Dani x

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