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Each genre will have its own set of drum grooves...

One of the most important things about being a drummer is listening to lots of different genres of music. Each genre will have its own set of drum grooves. For example disco is defined by a four on the floor. This means the bass drum is on all 4 crotchet beats the 1,2,3,4. This genre also has the hi hat accent on the and of the beat. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +. Grove can be important to a genre of music, but tempo also plays a big role. Disco is around 130BPM but drum and bass can be as fast as 160-180BPM. Other slower genres such as reggae can be between 80-110BPM. Time signatures are also very important. Most pop is in 4/4 but you can get jazz at 3/4 and classical styles in 6/8. This means how many beats are in the bar. The top number is the count and the bottom number is the division of time eg: crotchet, quaver, semi quaver. These are the main objectives to think about when listening to music, don't forget to count!

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