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Working on our craft

Working on our craft

Make the most of what you've got - whether it is your time, energy, (money!)...also, when it comes to your gifts & talents. Make a decision to INVEST in what you have.

How can you best make use of your 'resources' in a world full of distractions and constant interruptions? Trust me, I am saying this to myself as I am writing these lines. It seems like a cliche to say this, but it comes down to this ONE thing: FOCUS.

Don't try to do it all, but do something - and do it well. Set time aside to invest your time & energy into your gifts: your singing, playing an instrument, whatever it might be. Work on your craft, - it is precious and unique. And the more time you spend working at it, the more it will bring forth those qualities & subtleties that you may think are not important. But those intricate features make you UNIQUE, different from anyone else. Isn't that amazing?! So spend time learning & digging takes time but be assured, those hours spent practicing & pouring into your skills will never go to waste. It's ALL worth it!

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