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Singing for theatre

Singing for theatre Breath Control Breath control is essential for on-stage performing as it can be a very physically demanding job. You may be asked to sing and dance at the same time, or be running backwards and forwards to do quick changes, then get back on-stage and sing like nothing has happened. If this is something you struggle with, let your tutor know and we will be happy to help you! Support Support and breath control come hand in hand as you need good breath control to be able to support a belt. Belting is a technique that I personally associate greatly with musicals. Think of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Misérables or ‘Burn’ from Hamilton, these songs were written decades apart and both still have this technique in them. Again, if you’re struggling with support, let your tutor know and we will help you. Diction and Enunciation Bear in mind when performing, the audience needs to be able to understand what you are saying. Therefore diction and enunciation are key techniques to use. One way you can improve both of these is by doing tongue twisters. Microphones More often than not, if you are performing in a musical you will have a head- mic on rather than a handheld microphone. Head-mics are designed so that the performer doesn’t feel as though they’re wearing one and it’s just as if they’re singing without one on. So you would still be able to use all the techniques you’re used to without having the extra worry of handheld mic technique. Getting into character Ways to do this could include:

 Researching your character and the musical you are about to take part in.  Modify your tone of voice to suit the character you’re playing, for example, if you’re playing an evil character, you could create a harsh tone to your voice.  If the character has an accent, make sure that accent continues into your singing, for example if you’re playing a character in Billy Elliot make sure you sing in a Geordie accent as well as speak in that accent.  Find out where your songs come in the musical. If it’s a sad part of the musical, make sure that reflects in your voice.

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