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Practice Makes Perfect!

So it comes to that time after your lessons and you can't quite remember what your tutor said to do, hmmm………………… Oh yes PRACTICE!

It is so important to practice, at the bare minimum an hour a week. It’s also important not to go over 2 hours in one sitting. This is because our concentration begins to fatigue at around this point. Take a break, have a pint of water and get back to it, if your neighbours aren't fed up that is! Drums can be very frustrating to learn, but don't let that frustration cloud your concentration. Staying positive can really boost your practice sessions. So a strong head and a strong practice regimen will give you what it takes to become the best you can be.

Now you are wondering what I should start with. Well it's great to get warmed up and the best way is to do some snare drum rudiments. This will get your wrists and your brain fired up. Start off slow and increase the tempo. It's a good idea to plan what you want to work on before your practice session. This can cut down on wasted time if you cannot make noise for too long! 

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