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Muscle Memory Is Key

Practice makes perfect.. well not necessarily perfect but it certainly makes you improve in whatever you’re trying to achieve.

When learning to sing or play a musical instrument such as guitar, piano or drums, muscle memory is the ultimate goal. Sinking those techniques into your muscles so that they become almost sub-conscience is the best way to achieve this is with short but regular bursts of practice.

Of course practicing for an hour is BRILLIANT but not if you only do it once a week. 10-20mins EVERY DAY is the best way of practicing. It allows your muscles to become aware of the new techniques, whether it’s resonance space for singing or finger positioning for guitar your muscles need to experience those movements regularly for them to become natural.

So check your practice schedule.. are really practicing in the most effective and efficient way possible? 10-20mins every day is AWESOME.. 10-20mins 4 times a week is a necessity!

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