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Metronome drum challenge

Try and challenge yourself!

Set a metronome to at least 75BPM and try and hit the snare drum on different divisions of the beat. The count will be in semi quavers, for example hit ever & of the beat for 2 bars then swap to the E of the beat, try hitting every A and then the full:

1 E & A, 2 E & A, 3 E & A, 4 E & A.

For an increased difficulty try adding 2 divisions, hit on the &, A for 2 bars and the E & (2bars). To make this harder add a bass drum on the 1,2,3,4. To increase the difficulty further add the hi hat on the & of every count to give an alternating foot pattern.

Once you are comfortable with this you can experiment with hitting other drums and cymbals. This is a good exercise to warm up, but can also be useful in creating interesting fills and drum solos.

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