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Keep Your Voice Warm In Winter

Avoiding coughs, colds and sniffly noses is hard during those cold wintery months, so give your voice the best chance of staying in tip top condition with Vocademy’s Winter Vocal Health top tips...

Drink Up!

I’m sure you’ve noticed your skin feeling rather dry in these super cold temps so imagine what it’s doing to your vocal cords 😱

The cold, harsh winds and dry air will dehydrate your throat so be sure to keep your fluids up. Why not really warm yourself up and go for a caffeine free herbal tea with a drop of honey.. your voice will love you forever!!

Wrap Up!

This should go without saying but make sure you wrap up super warm whenever you go outside, coat, gloves, beanie but most importantly for us singers, a scarf! Obviously it keeps your throat and chest warm and cosy barricading you from a world of issues. Grab your scarf!

Ps. When outside try to breathe through your nose as much as possible. Not only does it catch pollen and dust particles it also moisturises and warms the air before it passes your vocal cords.. winner!

The Struggle of Central Heating!

Central heating is a must in this weather but again it is source of dehydration for your voice.

🔸Clean the dust from your radiators to avoid breathing it in

🔸Invest in a humidifier to incorporate water vapour into the air

🔸If you can’t afford a humidifier then a bowl of hot water on top of your radiator works brilliantly too!

🔸Steam your voice. Bowl of hot water, towel over your head and the bowl and breathe in the beautiful moist air.

What If You’re Ill?

In a nutshell.. don’t sing!

Do all you can to avoid singing if you have a cold or a sore throat you will honestly do more damage than good. All your voice needs is rest!

Sleep It Off!

Whether you’re ill or not, weather it’s sunny or freezing, sleep will always be a HUGE bonus to your vocal health. So have a bath, put on your PJs and grab an early night.

If you feel your voice is not coping well in this crazy snowy weather then follow these tips and you’ll be back to belting the high notes before you know it!

Be sure to message us at or on our Facebook page “Vocademy School of Music” if you have any questions regarding vocal health or anything else singing, guitar, bass or drums related :)

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