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As humans we naturally seek to feel pleasure or happiness and avoid pain and it is a proven fact that singing releases endorphins that fill us with joy but why?

These "feel-good brain chemicals” also known as endorphins are tiny neurochemicals released by your body after physical fitness and believe it or not, singing is a type of physical fitness that makes us feel amazing! - Similar to how we feel after a long run or a good workout!

Releasing these happy endorphins not only reduces stress and anxiety but also boosts our self-esteem with positive feelings.

For me, if I am in a bad mood or having a rubbish day, I always try and take thirty minutes out my day to sing, just for myself…maybe when I’m in the car or after I’ve put my little boy to bed (I always go in another room so I don’t wake him up!)

Yes…we need to practice our vocal exercises and rehearse our performance pieces or maybe the song we are learning in our vocal lessons but sometimes we just need to sing to make us feel good, keeping our posture and breathing techniques in the back of our mind.

It doesn’t have to be a fast paced song, although sometimes that helps as we can move and dance around. Whichever song you choose, whether it’s an acoustic ballad or a song from the charts, it will make you feel just as good.

So next time you feel like you’re having a bad day, try singing! It will make you feel uplifted and you’ll have an immediate sense of happiness which will take your mind off unwanted stress and boost your mood and self-confidence! So who needs to run anymore? Choose singing!

Vocal Coach Harriet x

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