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Piano: So much More Than Just the Keys

Admittedly, I’m biased. But, as a piano teacher, performer and composer I will always argue my case that piano is a fantastic and versatile instrument to learn if you want a window into almost about any area of music. Pianos can be found in a vast array of ensemble and solo situations and pianists are always in high demand. Whether it’s blues, classical, rock or pop, there is always space for a keyboard. By learning piano, you are able to offer yourself as an accompanist for a vocal part or steal the spotlight – and the show – with a cover or original piece yourself. There is space for a piano in an orchestra; a band; an acoustic ensemble; a solo stage and even your house!

What I love about piano is that it is the only instrument to literally lay out the keys before you. It really is as simple as it looks: right to go higher; left to go lower. Once you understand that, you have the ins and outs of the entire industry waiting to be discovered. Piano can help you learn much more than just performance. It is an essential tool for learning music theory, which you can then apply to other instruments or areas of music. It is also a fantastic instrument to start composing on, whether you’re keen on the appealing world of singer-songwriters, or perhaps a more classical approach. For me, piano has been a vital component of all my composition projects, and I wouldn’t dive into any musical endeavour without it!

For anybody wanting to enter the world of music, I will firmly advocate that piano is an excellent way to get started. It can help you in so many areas, is incredibly rewarding, and can also assist you in deciding what path you would like to take in music.

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