Instrument Lessons


Piano | Guitar | Drums | Ukulele | Bass

Our 1-1 instrument lessons are taught by qualified Tutors who actively work in the music industry, regularly perform and have a real passion for what they do!

During 1-1 lessons students work on a range of techniques specifically tailored to them and the songs they want to play. And with regular performances to work towards, students can learn at their own pace and push themselves as and when they feel ready.

Students also have the option of training for Rockschool Exams. It's a great way of structuring practice sessions at home and creates a clear goal to work towards.. all while getting better every time you play!!

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Tutors are located in multiple locations around Maidstone.





Vocademy organises a bunch of performances for students to get involved in such as showcases and open mics and public performances such as charity and christmas events. But if you're not quite ready to perform in front of an audience then our Facebook and Instagram live sessions are a great way to work towards your first performance. 

Vocademy students are always encouraged to have a goal to work towards but what that goal is is up to them!







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