Drum Lessons

Improve from your first session, 1-1 lessons tailored to you!

🔸Qualified and passionate Tutor who actively works in the music industry and performs regularly

🔸30, 40 or 60min lessons specifically tailored to you and the songs you want to play

🔸Progress quickly and efficiently with Vocademy's easy-to-follow tips & tricks

🔸Regular performance opportunities

🔸Optional exam training (RSL - Rockschool)

🔸FREE 30min Taster 


Nothing can beat 1-1 in-person lessons when it comes to learning drums! Sure there's countless youtube videos, apps and online courses but none of these are tailored to you, the songs you love or the way you learn best.

Vocademy drum lessons are taught by our passionate and super talented Drum Tutor Aran Gibbs (see bio) at his home studio in Maidstone, ME14 4JR. Lessons are specifically designed to you, considering what you want to learn, how you want to learn and what you want to achieve first.

Book your FREE TASTER & see what you learn from your very first session!

Or get in touch with ANY questions :)

Location & Availability

Tutor Aran Gibbs - ME14 4JR - Mon-Fri ALL DAY








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