1-1 Singing Lessons

Personalised 1-1 singing training to craft and perfect your own style.

The more personal approach to vocal training

Our Vocademy 1-1 singing lessons are tailored completely to the individual student. Students get to work more seriously on their own style and focus on their specific techniques in private. 1-1 lessons are perfect for those who suffer with nerves, as confidence can be a huge issue for a lot of singers but with 1-1s, students can find the ability to work on this in their own time.

Vocademy 1-1s are suitable for all ages and abilities. Whether you're an advanced singer looking for help and advice on advanced technique and vocal longevity, or if you're new to singing and need to learn the basics, we can help! We can work on specific performance pieces for auditions/performances you have coming up or we can just have fun with music whilst improving confidence.

1-1s are flexible and can be arranged between student and Tutor. 1-1 singing lessons can also be as infrequent or as often as you like.

Free 30 minute consultations are available before lessons begin to introduce the student to their Tutor and establish whether they feel 1-1s are right for them.

We have Tutors in different area's across Maidstone, so get in touch to find out which Tutor is right for you :)

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Under 18s

Our 1-1 sessions for under 18’s are fun and chilled out, but trust me we get a fab vocal work out!

1-1 sessions are perfect for students that are a little nervous of singing in front of a group. They’re also great for those students who are looking for a deeper understanding of their voice, or who want to work on a specific area of their vocal training.

  • Learn how to get the best out of your voice
  • Learn how to use safe techniques through fun and simple excercises
  • You choose the songs you want to sing
  • Opportunities to perform at showcases as well as public events
  • The option of taking Rockschool Vocal Exams (Additional UCAS points)

Over 18s

You are never to old to start or re-start your vocal training. Our over 18 1-1 sessions are tailored to suit the individual student dependant on any previous training, natural ability and future aspirations.

We are aware that work and financial commitments are to be considered so it is worth bearing in mind that lessons are not needed on a weekly basis. Fortnightly, monthly or even ad hoc lessons are absolutely fine.

We give you tools, it’s up to you to put them into practice in your spare time.

  • Learn how to use your voice safely and efficiently
  • Receive warm ups, backing tracks and recording opportunities at no extra cost
  • All genres covered
  • Opportunities to perform at showcases and public events
  • Training support inside and outside of lessons.