Group Courses

Discover your voice, make new friends and become a more confident YOU through our group lessons.

Singing lessons that will bring out an amazing new you

Courses are available for children aged 7-18

  • Discover how to sing correctly and improve your technical ability

  • Grow into a more confident person

  • Develop your skills as a performer

  • 9 fun-packed 1 hour classes in each Term

  • 1 class per week

  • Live Gig at the end of each 10 week Term

  • Many extra events and performances to get involved in

  • 7-11 Years

    Children are introduced to basic vocal techniques, confidence building and self expression whilst using microphones to sing along to their favourite current pop songs. Our classes are very interactive and there is a strong role-play element in the classes with the chance to live out being their favourite diva or rock star!

  • 11-14 Years

    Students are helped to develop their vocal technique and performance skills, improving personal confidence, which we find important at this age. Our tutors begin to work with the students on individual styles and interests whilst introducing harmony. With lessons combining fun and enjoyment our students advance as performers.

  • 14-18 Years

    Students are taught from a more technical syllabus which has been put together by our talented and experienced vocal tutors. This will help them progress (even if they have not previously sung) to an advanced level and capability. Lessons provide a lively social framework in which students learn to work with and support other performers focusing on more complex harmonies and vocal blend. Each student will also work on advancing his or her own individual skills.