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NEW BLOG: Can everyone sing? The truth about AMUSIA..

Posted on 10th October 2016

I often hear people say “I just can’t sing” or “I’m totally tone deaf” but the truth is it is highly unlikely that you cannot perceive pitch at all. It is more so that you have just never taken the time to truly practice sending the message from your ears to your vocal muscles.

Even if you do sing out of tune, 9 times out of 10 I bet you can tell that it is out of tune. You can hear that what you are singing is not quite hitting the same notes as the artist you’re listening to, this goes to show you are NOT tone deaf. A 2007 study by Harvard Medical School revealed that only 5% of people actually have Amusia, the technical term for tone deafness, and that most ‘bad singers’ actually hear music just fine.

It’s as simple as training the vocal muscles to replicate what you hear, the same as training your body to play a new sport. Your arms don’t instinctively know the best way to hit a baseball with a baseball bat (I know I don’t) but you could definitely learn how to if you like and the voice is exactly the same!


The key is to keep things simple at first, focus only on pitch and nothing else. Try singing quietly with small sounds, even humming, so that you can focus on matching your voice with the melody. Or even take something really simple like slowly singing the alphabet or ‘Happy Birthday’. This will give you a chance to focus on connecting the pitch your hearing to your vocal chords and larynx. I guarantee that if you keep up the consistent practice you will be singing naturally in tune in no time! Then you can move on to exploring what your voice is really capable of!

So there you have it… only 5% of humans can honestly say they can’t sing. What you waiting for??.. time to get those vocal chords vibrating!

Keep singing.. Keep smiling

Dani Baker